The artist Heiko Schütz

The foundation for Heiko Schütz's art career was laid between 1977 and 1980 in Bernhard Luginbühl's workshop, where he was also inspired by Jean Tingeuely. From these two renowned artists he adopted the motto «Only those who create new things create art».


Since 1980 Heiko has lived solely from his art.


Heiko had the chance to win several art prizes. But business-minded as he is, he always made an exchange offer. Instead of the prize money, he preferred to create iron sculptures for public spaces.


You can read more about his biography in his 156-page book made of paper (in German) or here .

Heiko Schütz

The curator

Marcel met Heiko Schütz in 1994 and fell in love with a first object: a bottle. Since purchasing this bottle, he has been collecting art from various artists and has been on good terms with Heiko Schütz.


With his professional background in sales and marketing and his love for art, the idea of selling Heiko's art on the Internet was born. So Marcel became the online curator of Heiko Schütz, and maintains and operates the online gallery.